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Weather Calculators
Weather Forecasts
  • Intellicast -- Local, USA, and worldwide weather. Do a search or click on a world map to get the weather for cities around the world. Includes weather forecasts, radar and satellite images, and specialized forecasts for outdoor activities like skiing, sailing, kiting, etc.
  • National Weather Service -- U.S. official weather forecast information and observations, including weather maps, warnings, storm predictions, marine weather, and more. Searchable by region.
  • BBC Weather Centre -- Weather forecasts for UK, searchable by region and cities/towns.
Weather Calculations
  • Weather Calculators -- Quick and easy calculators for temperature, wind speed, relative humidity, pressure, wind chill, and heat index.
  • The Weather Calculator Page -- Temperature, moisture, pressure and wind conversions
  • Wet and Dry Bulb -- "A JavaScript routine that calculates the relative humidity given the wet and dry bulb temperatures."

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