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Physics Calculators

  • Statics and Dynamics -- Statics (stress analysis, beam analysis, resultant of vectors), Dynamics (motion on curved paths, projectile motion), and Fluid Dynamics (ideal flow, shock tube flows, airfoil flows, compressible aerodynamics, thermodynamics of air, boundary layer analysis, heat transfer).
  • Projectile -- "This Java Applet simulates a projectile being launch from ground level with an intial velocity (Vo) at an angle (Ø)."
  • Ballistic Trajectory Tutorial -- "The tutorial will help you to visualize the flight path, speed, and duration of projectiles fired at different initial angles and velocities."
  • Damped Mass-on-a-Spring Java Applet -- Illustrates the motion of a mass attached to a string. You can adjust the mass, the spring constant k, and the damping.
  • Fowler's Physics Applets -- A number of physics applets, including Newton's cannon, group velocity and phase velocity, projectile motion, two-dimensional collisions, etc.
  • Hard Spheres -- "This is a Java Applet showing the distribution function of a group of randomly colliding hardspheres."
  • Potential Flow Applet -- "Build up incompressible, irrotational flows by superposition of a free-stream velocity and various singular solutions to Laplace's equation (sources, sinks, vortices and doublets). Once the flow is built up, the student can visualize the flow, by plotting streamlines, velocity vectors and isopotential lines."
  • Venturi Tube Simulation -- Change the venturi tube radius and flow rate and calculate velocity, pressure, head, etc.
Heat and Thermodynamics
  • TEST: The Expert System for Thermodynamics© -- TEST is "a general-purpose visual tool for solving thermodynamic problems and performing 'what-if' scenarios with the click of a button. The range of topics includes basic concepts, evaluation of thermodynamic states, first law of thermodynamics for closed and open systems, second law of thermodynamics, entropy and availability analysis, power and refrigeration cycles, generalized charts, gas mixtures, air conditioning, combustion, and gas dynamics."
  • Utility Applets for Engineers and Scientists -- calculators for thermal radiation, thermodynamic tables, combustion reaction, gas dynamics, etc.
  • The Thermochemical Calculator, TCC -- "TCC is a WWW tool to carry out thermochemical calculations for ideal gas mixtures"
  • Thermodynamic Properties of Air Under Equilibrium Conditions -- "Calculates the thermodynamic properties of air given the pressure and entropy, pressure and density, specific energy and density, entropy and enthalpy, or pressure and temperature."
  • The Heat Equation -- "concerns the flow of heat in a 2-dimensional domain represented by n x n cells."
  • Boundary Layer Convection Applets -- Computes incompressible laminar boundary layers with heat transfer and incompressible turbulent boundary layers; for student use only and "not intended as general purpose codes for use by working professionals in the field."
  • 2D Heat Conduction -- 2D steady and unsteady heat conduction; for student use only and "not intended as general purpose codes for use by working professionals in the field."
  • ThermoElectric Device Simulation -- ThermoElectric Device Simulation -- This is an interactive simulation of a thermoelectric device, which converts heat energy directly into electrical energy. Change the hot and cold side temperatures, material properties and load resistance and calculate the electrical energy generated.
  • Acoustics Software -- Various acoustics calculations, including atmospheric absorption, barrier correction, decibels demo, frequency weighting, infrasound G weighting, loudness calculator, noise criterion, noise rating, octave summation, speed of sound, vibration isolation.
  • The vOICe Java Applet -- "This fully interactive page allows you to draw your own 64 × 64, 16 grey-tone image and immediately hear the corresponding 64-voice polyphonic soundscape being synthesized on the fly!"
Light and Optics
  • Light Refraction -- Input incident angle and wavelength and index of refraction, and calculate refracted wavelength and angle.
  • Young's Double Slit Interference -- When a light source is split by passing it through two slits and projected onto a screen, an interference pattern is generated. Adjust the distance, d, between the slits and the distance, L, to the screen, and see the generated pattern.
  • Optical Table 1.0 -- This applet "visually traces the paths of rays. It is intended to teach the principles of reflection, refraction, and optics to high school and undergraduate students."
  • Electric Charges in Java -- "This applet allows you to see in a graphical way concepts like electric and potential fields."
  • Exploring Electric Fields -- "Place punctual electric charges and visualize the effect of the electric field they create!"
  • Charged particle motion in E/M Field -- Shows "The motion of a charged particle in a uniform and constant electric/ magnetic field"
  • VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism -- Visualize the "vector fields of electromagnetism" with this gallery of applets, including including vectors, charged points, dipoles, charged spheres, cylinders, and planes, Faraday's law, Ampere-Maxwell Law, and line integrals.
Statistical and Quantum Mechanics
  • Java Applets for Quantum Mechanics -- Applets include Young interference fringes with individual atoms,propagation of a free gaussian wavepacket, steps and barriers in one dimension, linear superposition of two eigenstates, linear superposition of harmonic-oscillator eigenstates, Larmor precession, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, etc.
  • Kinetic Theory I -- "This Java applet simulates a 2 dimensional gas of hard spheres. It illustrates several important concepts in statistical mechanics/kinetic theory, such as: mean free path and average time between collisions, the approach to thermal equilibrium and the Maxwell-Boltzmann speed distribution, and the question of macroscopic irreversibility vs. microscopic reversibility."
  • Schrödinger Wave Equation Simulation -- The Schrödinger equation "... is a parabolic partial differential equation in space and time commonly refered to as the wave equation...[and] of fundamental importance in a wide range of physical phenomena where quantum mechanics is important. This applet "allows user control of the simulation parameters and realtime numerical solutions to the wave equation."
Atomic and Nuclear
  • Periodic Table of Elements -- Click on an element in the Periodic Table and generate a dynamic view of the atom.
  • Radioactive Decay -- Calculator for radioactive decay.
  • Fowler's Physics Applets -- A number of physics applets, including Rutherford scattering from a Thomson atom and from a nuclear atom, Einstein's explanation of Brownian motion, one-dimensional one-atom classical gas, etc.
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Java -- "It offers an experimental environment for simple molecular dynamics simulations. Main intention was to provide fast visual feedback of a single simulated molecule instead of very exact scientific results or simulating larger systems."
Laws, Constants and Tools

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