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Job Descriptions
Hiring and Training
  • Training Payoff Calculator -- "Plug in your own data and assumptions to calculate the return on your training investment, regardless of format. Discover what effective software training can mean to your bottom line." The calculator can be used to model various training investments, especially relating to computer training.
  • The Moving Calculator -- Estimate interstate or local moving cost in the United States; useful in estimating costs to relocate employees.
  • Turnover Costs -- Calculate your turnover costs.
Wages and Benefits
  • Salaries & Hiring Info -- "...detailed salary data and hiring trends for thousands of positions by title, region, years of experience and other key criteria."
  • The Salary Calculator -- Determine comparable salaries in hundreds of U.S. and international cities.
  • Days Off Calculator -- "Tell the calculator how many employees you need on each of the 7 days of the week, and it will work out an optimized solution for how many employees can have Saturday and Sunday off, how many can have Sunday and Monday off, and so on."
  • FireSched -- Build shift schedule calendars for firefighters and others who work 24-hour rotating shifts.

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