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Topic Guides -- The website "... consists of over 700 Guide sites neatly organized into 36 channels. The sites cover more than 50,000 subjects with over 1 million links to the best resources on the Net and the fastest-growing archive of high quality original content." Each site contains "... the best new content, relevant links, How-To's, Forums, and answers to just about any question." -- The website "... is a network of web guides that help users easily find high quality, relevant information online for thousands of topics of interest and cities."

HowStuffWorks -- Hundreds of articles with photos, diagrams, and animations on how things work, including computers, engines, electronics, science, aviation, body, machines, etc.. It's a site for "for anyone who wants to know how anything works!" -- The website "... is the most comprehensive source of information on how to do things, offering thousands of specific project instructions." It contains 14 categories with 120 subcategories and offers "... staff-written, reviewed and edited step-by-step solutions, whether it's finding out how to change the oil in the car, make Cajun hot sauce, negotiate a raise, or even throw a knuckleball."

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